TLX Fire & Security’s Event Recorder

TLX Fire & Security’s Event Recorder provides a historical log of both live events and actuator maintenance (independent of the fire control panel), providing proof of installer work and historical data for risk mitigation. This innovative device is a crucial tool that will help you better understand system activation.

The Event Recorder works with all TLX electric actuators for fire suppression and is installed on the actuator during production. Because this is a passive device, it provides data output only and does not affect the function of the actuator.

The Event Recorder is designed with a range of sensors to collect data on temperature, coil current and voltage, firing pin position, installation supervision, and mechanical shock through a 3-axis accelerometer. Event trigger points are scalable to suit the unit and environment. The Event Recorder will also indicate whether an event occurred live or during service mode. Additionally, the recorder’s hardware and software can be customized so that sensing capabilities can be expanded based on your future needs.

A timestamped log of past events is recorded to onboard, non-volatile memory and can be
accessed either on-site or remotely according to your specifications. Connection protocols range from hardwired, direct connection to local network, or even Bluetooth.


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