TYCO expands next-generation Riser Manifold product line with cost-efficient RM-2 Base models

Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, has expanded the Tyco RM-2 Riser Manifold product offering with the launch of two versatile, economically focused RM-2 Base models that complement the fully integrated RM-2 Riser Manifold. The riser manifolds support fire safety by supplying, monitoring and regulating water flow to a building’s fire-suppression piping system. The new base models are a cost effective and easy transition arrangement to help better control valves and piping in a range of commercial buildings and high-rises.

The two new models join the fully integrated Tyco RM-2 Riser Manifold, equipped with a TD-2 test and drain valve which achieves a tight seal using a plunger-type valve. The valve significantly reduces product wear and deterioration. The test and drain valve also includes an integrated, fully adjustable (100psi / 6,9 bar to 310 psi / 21,4 bar) pressure-relief valve for simplified testing.

The new commercial RM-2 Base with TD-2 test and drain valve and residential RM-2 Base with either TD-2 or ball drain valve feature a built-in waterflow alarm switch, pressure gauge and drain valve to simplify installation, testing and operation with a cost-efficient advantage.

The fully integrated RM-2 and the new RM-2 Base models are pre-assembled for convenience. The RM-2 Base is UL Listed and FM Approved, while the fully integrated RM-2 is UL Listed and components are FM Approved. The compact design allows them to be installed horizontally or vertically, providing compatibility with both single-sprinkler risers and floor controls within high-rise structures. Configurable coupling assembly of the original RM-2, an optional flexible drain hose, and residential ball valve drain pressure relief kit offer maximum design flexibility to meet a variety of building requirements.

RM-2 Base with ball drain valve. (Johnson Controls)
RM-2 Base with ball drain valve. (Johnson Controls)

‘We’ve engineered the RM-2 product collection around the needs of contractors in the field,’ said Martin Schulte-Frankenfeld, director global product management, Johnson Controls. ‘Whether they are specifying products for commercial or residential systems, they will find our now complete RM-2 offering to be more dependable, more flexible and more cost efficient.’

RM-2 Base products feature all the necessary alarms, pressure gauges and check valve equipment to help comply with NFPA 13, NFPA 13D and NFPA 13R standards for commercial and residential fire sprinkler system applications.


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