ILUS International launches world’s first all-in-one handheld firefighting nozzle

ILUS International has announced the launch of a handheld firefighting nozzle with integrated low-pressure water misting capabilities for electric vehicle fires, flammable gas fires and more.

The company acquired FireBug in January 2021, who already had its own patented water mist technology. Now, it has launched the Maxi A-1, the world’s first handheld firefighting nozzle with integrated water misting capability.

It is the only nozzle of its type which can provide several selectable flow water jet streams of up to 160 GPM, as well as a ‘single click’ 13 GPM water mist mode. It can operate from most standard firefighting vehicles as well as from fire hydrants.

Traditionally, standard firefighting nozzles would require the use of additional chemicals to efficiently extinguish some types of fires. Months of testing by FireBug engineers has proven the Maxi A-1’s success in tackling blazes of multiple classes: including electric fires, flammable gas fires and cooking oil/animal fat fires.

Managing Director for ILUS International, John-Paul Backwell, said: “In short, I believe this nozzle will save more lives and within a couple of years every fire brigade will have it on hand to fight a wider range of fires more efficiently and safely. No longer are separate pumps and vehicles or added chemicals required to extinguish a flammable gas fire or electric vehicle fire efficiently. No longer are six fire trucks required to turn up at the scene of a Tesla fire. Why should the fire services spend an entire week and divert all their resources to extinguish an Energy Storage System fire? This nozzle changes the game – period!”

He continued: “The Maxi A-1 nozzle will shift our disruptive water mist technology for firefighting from being niche to mainstream. As a result, we are confident that we will be able to exponentially increase our nozzle sales without sacrificing the high margins we already make on the products. The ILUS team remains hard at work on the technology front and whilst acquisitions and deals are often what gets talked about, there are many more amazing technology developments going on under the hood of the company which we look forward to announcing soon.”


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