Eaton adds new battery-powered emergency light

Power management company Eaton has announced an important addition to its CEAG ExLin linear LED lighting fixtures for hazardous area applications. The new battery-powered ExLin NE+ provides a decentralized LED solution for mandatory emergency lighting in case of power failure, in compliance with EN 60598-2-22.

Offering a safe, reliable and cost-efficient LED lighting solution for hazardous areas, the ExLin range is certified for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21. Typical applications include oil & gas and petrochemical processing facilities, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The ExLin NE+ combines lithium batteries (which are more environmentally friendly than nickel cadmium types), state-of-the-art LED technology with optimized thermal management, and a time-tested enclosure to deliver reliable performance for longer in harsh and hazardous environments.

Offering standard, narrow and wide beam illumination options, ExLin NE+ luminaires enable illumination to be tailored to the needs of the application. They are available in 3L or 5L versions, delivering approximately 1000 lm / 2000 lm for up to three hours in emergency mode. The emergency lighting cycle can be set locally for 1.5 or 3 hours. Robust and versatile, these LED lighting fixtures will work effectively in ambient temperatures ranging from -40°C to +45°C.

ExLin NE+ lighting fixtures can vary the power consumption of the entire LED module via their electronics. This enables homogeneous illumination of escape routes in accordance with the local conditions, even in the emergency lighting mode.

Installation and maintenance are significantly reduced thanks to the innovative battery design. The ExLin NE+ lithium battery has no memory effect and a more stable capacity for emergency lighting compared to standard NiCd batteries. In addition, these innovative batteries have faster charging, which means emergency lighting is fully available more quickly. Improved charging capabilities ensure a more stable and robust charging cycle, thus resulting in longer lifetime. ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures also incorporate Hot Swap technology, which allows an easy exchange of the battery in Ex areas without disconnecting the power.

ExLin NE+ LED lighting fixtures are equipped with integrated software that monitors the functions of the luminaire and automatically performs the prescribed function tests and quarterly, partial duty-cycle tests in accordance with DIN EN 50172. A two-diode LED display shows charge and battery status for at-a-glance confirmation of operational integrity.


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