EZVIZ adds C8W Pro 2K Camera to its all-star security camera range, introducing exciting new AI features tailored for 360-degree home protection

Boosted by EZVIZ’s proprietary AI algorithm, this outdoor camera requires minimal human effort to detect and protect, and provides impressive 360-degree vision in 2K clarity.

HOOFDDORP, NetherlandsMay 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home technologies, has elevated the convenience of a security camera by introducing the C8W Pro 2K. A one of a kind in the market, the camera showcases what advanced, automated home security looks like – stunning camera vision, pan-and-tilt coverage without blind spots, AI-powered auto-controls, and smart notifications. The C8W Pro 2K is truly an “all-in-one camera,” as one single device watches over large outdoor spaces as effectively and reliably as a multi-camera system does, while the features and video are handled easily at the user’s fingertips.

Powered by on-device artificial intelligence, the camera knows how to do the job on its own, even when nobody’s watching. It detects people and vehicles in particular so home owners get instant mobile alerts when someone walks past their property, or a car parks at their front door without permission. Maximizing the use of its pan-and-tilt design, EZVIZ also gives it the ability to automatically lock on a moving object upon detection, and to track the movement in case something goes out of sight. This means, the camera will not lose track of an active dog even it is wildly chasing its toy from one side to another in the backyard.

Authentically user-friendly, the C8W Pro 2K also offers a unique feature called “one-click return to pre-set viewing points.” This feature lets users tap on their EZVIZ App to help their camera resume the original viewing angle easily, even after a complex tracking process has taken place.

The launch of the C8W Pro 2K also marks another milestone in the evolution of EZVIZ’s highly competitive outdoor pan/tilt C8 series cameras, following the success of the best-selling C8C Camera and the multi-award-winning C8PF Dual-Lens Camera.

“The C8W Pro 2K is a trusted choice for anyone seeking their first security camera – one that maximizes their investment,” said Jenny Zhu, the lead product manager of the EZVIZ C8 Camera Series. “The C8W Pro 2K comes equipped with EZVIZ’s leading technologies in intelligent video, AI, color night vision, and more, but is still accessible and budget-friendly to most families.”


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