Innovative Solution for More Reliable Perimeter Security

Securing temporary and remote sites like construction sites, storage areas, and parking areas requires constant surveillance. Some of them are difficult or cost-prohibitive to secure. A new mobile surveillance system that combines 3D lidar sensors and a security camera will provide perimeter protection and intrusion detection where infrastructure is limited.

The system is the result of a collaboration between Quanergy Systems, a provider of optical phased array (OPA) based solid-state lidar sensors and software platforms for automotive and IoT, and Securitas France, a provider of intelligent protective services.

The developers said the technology provides the security industry’s first remote mobile surveillance solution with 3D lidar integration.

Mobile Cam 3D can be deployed anywhere to ensure the security of remote sites where there is limited infrastructure. The 3D lidar provides extremely high accuracy and reduces false alarms by more than 95%. The system utilizes lidar sensors that provide reliable detection and advanced situational awareness of security threats. It can be monitored remotely with an integrated computer vision platform that provides real-time detection, tracking, and identification of objects in the secured area.

The M-Series lidar sensors are said to operate reliably in any lighting or weather condition, making them an ideal detection solution for outdoor remote security applications.

The solution offers full object classification, including object distance and velocity, and provides 360-degree coverage. With a range up to 200 meters in diameter, the sensors can monitor large outdoor areas with just a few compact, portable devices, according to


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