Alcatraz AI Details Key Access Control Trends for 2023 in New e-Book

Biometric security specialist Alcatraz AI has published a new e-book on the “4 Biometric Access Control Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023”, setting the table for security professionals and related administrators as they face a shifting threat landscape.

One of the key trends is the ongoing importance of friction-less solutions. It’s a trend that was already well underway in the last decade, and then accelerated during the COVID pandemic as technologies like facial recognition were even more widely embraced.

Another key trend concerns the ongoing emergence of legislation impacting how security technologies can be used – that is, the “Rationalization of Privacy & Legality”. This includes well-known examples like the GDPR and CCPA, and myriad pieces of state legislation in places like New York, Maryland and Texas.

Alcatraz AI’s e-book also looks at the growth of multi-modal authentication, which is often seen as an important aspect of increasingly popular ‘zero-trust’ security architectures. And it assesses the growing adoption of cloud-based IT systems and the acceleration of edge computing.

These are undeniably important trends, not only in access control but in a range of other security applications.


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