How to Prolong the Life of Firefighting Equipment

If you work as a firefighter, you’ll probably need your gear more than any other professions out there because, without it, you are put at a deadly risk – not to mention the cost of replacing it costs a lot of money. How can you make sure that your equipment doesn’t break down and you can use it for the longest time possible?

Don’t keep it on standby – use it!

As a firefighter, you’ll have to always be on guard waiting for the call. Start and run the equipment by following the rules of the manufacturer or of the NFPA specs.

Every couple of days you have to run a check on the engine, the lights, the level of fluids, sirens, etc.
The same thing can be said about the power tools and the gear that you usually don’t really use such as spreaders and saws.

Even recently bought tools and trucks have a chance of breaking down faster if they go unused for a long period of time. Whenever you have some spare time after you get some rest, do these things.

Schedule some inspections

Naturally, you probably already have a type of system in place which allows you to follow up on the necessary checks. This system can be computer software, a spreadsheet or a classic logbook. It doesn’t matter what type of system you use – the only thing that matters is that it helps you keep track and that you do all the checks that you have to.

Be careful to verify that checks are done and write down all that you need to remember in case of an inspection from the day to day checks to the ones that you only do a couple of times every year. Make sure that the checks follow the NFPA and manufacturer guidelines so you are always protected in case something bad happens.

If this feels like a very big task that would take a lot of time (and in some cases, it can be true), then you can use a service that automates this task.

Be updated

Every single person that works in the fire department has to know how to operate all equipment. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a circular saw or a generator, you can never know when you’ll need someone to use them and the only available person will be the one who didn’t learn how to do it.

Of course, in the case that the crew or the equipment is changing pretty often for various reasons, you needn’t despair as there are still things you can do about it. For example, you can film the more difficult inspections so they can be later referenced during a check. You can do it yourself or hire a training company to help you do so.

Obviously, the cheaper version is the one in which you and your team film it for future reference or you can even use YouTube videos. If your department does have some money then you can rely on the help of the training company as most of them are worth their prices; just don’t forget to check their reviews and credentials.

By keeping all of these things in check and always remembering to follow through with them, you’ll discover the department will work more smoothly and that your equipment will have the chance of lasting for a longer period of time.


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