Smart Tips for Home Fire Extinguishers

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of home fire cases. In particular, homes in or near forested areas require extra care as the risk is increased so these Smart Tips for Home Fire Extinguishers will help protect your home. The antimatter is that while a fire safety system for homes is not obligated from the law, it is very important to have extinguishers for the safety of the family first and then the property!

If you consider the benefits compared to the costs, then this is very small. A fire can be caused at any time such as cooking, fireplace, chimney, heating or boiler.

Smart Tips for Home Fire Extinguishers – protect your home from a potential fire!

Supply portable fire extinguishers

It is the most important piece in the fire safety puzzle and is the first purchase to be made. While not obligatory by some legislation, it is clear that they are necessary. Options range from simple 6kg powders to high technologies such as water-mist or Clean Agent.

We must point out that you should be trained to use them and not look for instructions when you need to put out a fire! Also at the place you put the fire extinguisher is good to have a refractory blanket.

Put smoke detectors at the points in risk

Technology is well advanced and new detectors are able to immediately alert or even command some automatic action. They are an integral part if we are talking about complete fire safety. Installation can be done at any risk point and most are battery operated.

Install fire doors in the house

Door Frames can help protect your home from fire. Fireproof doors are special security doors made of refractory materials. Their purpose is to delay the spread of fire in the home. They do not provide permanent fire safety but give you time until the fire brigade expands at your home.

Fire doors can be outdoor or indoor. They can also be a single leaf or double leaf and have different dimensions for each opening. Of course, if you are going to buy a fireproof door, you need to pay attention to its certifications and the manufacturer’s warranty so that you know it is effective.

Install a complete fire suppression system

If for some reason there is an increased risk of fire, then you may need to install a complete fire suppression system. There is no system that works for all cases. There are various systems for all areas with their respective operating modes and appropriate extinguishing materials. Suppression systems can also work with the detectors mentioned earlier and / or with fire detection panels. You will definitely need the guidance and advice of a technician to make the right choice.

Take care of the boiler room

The boiler room is one of the first fire hazard areas in a home. There are automatic ceiling fire extinguishers that can be installed in your boiler room and operate automatically. Depending on the size of the room and the type of boiler, the technician/salesperson will help you choose the right type.

Remember some basic fire safety rules

In the unpleasant case of a fire at home, you have to stay cool! Once you have done all of the above, you have equipped the house with the proper fire protection equipment and you have learned how to use it, all you have is to do so. It’s a good idea to have prepared an exercise scenario with the rest of the family and make sure that the equipment (portable fire extinguishers, refractory blankets, etc.) is accessible to all members and everybody knows their use.

Finally, if the fire is large, do not take any risk and before any action, immediately call the fire service!

Put In Your Kitchen “Smart Fire Extinguisher Flower”

The Smart Flower Fire Extinguisher is Used For Extinguishing Initial Fire Extinguishers From Cooking Fats. It is ideal because it can also be used as a Kitchen Decor on a Metal Fridge as it has a magnet! It can be placed in a Flower Jar as well.

Install in your kitchen the Fire Prevention System «Prince George Stove Guard»

The Prince George Stove Guard product includes a high-tech Temperature Detection Sensor, which is mounted on top of the cooking apparatus and a Control Module, which interrupts the supply of Electricity to the Device. In this way it is activated earlier than any other Home Appliance Protection, thereby dramatically reducing the number of Home Fire Accidents due to Cooking Appliances. It is a unique product on the market, which is not an extinguisher but has the ability to prevent a fire before it even starts!

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, get the Smart Chimney Fire Extinguisher

The Smart Chimney Fire Extinguisher is the ideal extinguisher for chimney fires. By activating it, a mixture of particles and gases is released that ‘break’ the fire triangle (fuel, oxygen, and heat) and extinguish. The average extinguishing time of a household chimney is 22″ while the Lifetime is 5 years.

Install MOBIAK Home Kitchen System IDOMENEUS

IDOMENEUS Home Kitchen Extinguishing System is an Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing System, with no pressure or propellant gases, for the protection against grease burners in kitchens and barbecues. The Extinguishing System is designed to be particularly suitable for Small Home Kitchens or Kitchens located in RV Leisure Vehicles and Caravans. It has a modern design to keep your kitchen aesthetic up to date and does not require maintenance for 5 years!

Protect your favorite devices Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher (AMFE)

The Automatic Miniature Fire Extinguisher (AMFE) reliably protect appliances and equipment, home appliances and electronics, such as cabinets, home appliances, televisions, etc. from fire. The AMFE detects and extinguishes a fire inside the device, thus preventing the spread of fire. This way you can achieve and protect your device and stop the spread of fire!

Get the Fire Safety Kit

This product contains 2Lt ABF – Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher and a fire blanket 0,90m x 0,90m. As well as a wall-mounted case – that’s all you need to get started with home fire safety!

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