Integrated and innovative smart security solutions

Olarm provides innovative integrated smart security solutions that enhance and expand existing security systems in South Africa and selected International countries. It has become a popular choice in the market owing to their comprehensive and feature-rich approach to enhancing security, providing additional digital convenience for asset protection, and improving monitoring and response capabilities.

Its flagship product, Olarm PRO 4G, is a multi-channel dual SIM 4G/2G and Wi-Fi communicator that empowers users to monitor and control a broad range of security peripherals, including individual integration with over 25 alarm panels and electric fence energisers, through the Olarm APP (for end-users) and Olarm Command Centre (for monitoring and response partners).

One of the key benefits of Olarm is its ability to integrate easily with existing security systems, making them smarter and more effective. Rather than replacing your current setup, Olarm allows users to enhance it via app-enabling and expanding it, creating a more comprehensive and advanced smart security solution you can monitor and control from your smartphone with the app.

The Olarm APP is a feature-rich solution, offering users more customisation, in-depth and on-the-go features than traditional keypads. As the Olarm PRO 4G is versatile on many peripherals, users can also monitor various devices and properties in one app, allowing for scalability in affordable smart security.

With Olarm’s remote control capabilities, users have the convenience and peace of mind to access their security system using their smartphone anytime, anywhere (the Olarm PRO 4G and Olarm APP require a mobile and/or Wi-Fi connection and subscription for remote control capabilities). This real-time control and notification functionality allows users to easily arm, disarm, and bypass the system remotely, check zones and activity for added reassurance, and receive instant alerts, providing a layer of security and control for their property.

Olarm enables partnered service providers to offer beneficial upgrades and manage multiple clients’ security systems from the Olarm Command Centre. This can help increase efficiency and reduce costs, as security personnel can quickly and efficiently respond to alerts and remotely configured client systems when required. Olarm’s auto-configuration feature, furthermore, reduces installation times.

Overall, Olarm represents the future of integrated smart security solutions. Its advanced features, flexible integration capabilities, and scalable design make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their security to the next level. With the added benefits of cost-effectiveness and increased convenience, Olarm has become a top choice for those seeking peace of mind and upgraded smart protection.


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